Canis Minor

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 Mythology of Canis Minor

Canis Minor represents the smaller of the two dogs of Orion. Both Orion and Canis Major, which depicts the larger dog, lie nearby. Apart from its two brightest stars, Canis Minor contains little of note.

 The Facts

  • Depiction: The Lesser Dog
  • Pronounced: KAY-nis MY-ner
  • Genitive: Canis Minoris
  • Abbreviation: CMi
  • Highest in the Sky: February
  • Size Ranking: 71st
  • Coverage Area: 183 Sq. Degrees
  • Right Acension: 8 hours
  • Declination:
  • Visibility: 90°N to 77°S

 Notable Objects

  • Alpha Canis Minoris: Star

 Named Stars

  • Procyon, Alpha Canis Minoris
  • Gomeisa, Beta Canis Minoris

 Best Viewed Objects/Stars

Alpha Canis Minoris (Procyon)

 The eighth brightest star in the sky, at magnitude 0.4. The name Procyon is of Greek origin, meaning "before the dog" from the fact that it rises before the other dog star, Sirius. It is a white star, slightly less luminous than Sirius, and slightly farther away, at 11.4 light-years. Like Sirius, it is unusual in having a white-dwarf partner, Procyon B; this is over 10,000 times fainter than Procyon and orbits it every 41 years. The two appear so close that only large telescopes, of the type used by professional astronomers, can separate them.
Canis Minor

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