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 Description of Delphinus

Delphinus. This distinctively shaped constellation is faint and far away, but the stars of the dolphin are easy to identify.

 The Facts

  • Depiction: The Dolphin
  • Pronounced: del-FYE-nuss
  • Genitive: Delphini
  • Abbreviation: Del
  • Highest in the Sky: August to September
  • Size Ranking: 69th
  • Coverage Area: 189 Sq. Degrees
  • Right Acension: 21 hours
  • Declination: 10°
  • Visibility: 90°N to 69°S

 Notable Objects

  • Gamma Delphini: Double star
  • NGC 6891: Planetary nebula
  • NGC 6905: Blue Flash Nebula
  • NGC 6934: Globular cluster
  • NGC 7006: Globular cluster

 Named Stars

  • Sualocin, Alpha Delphini
  • Rotanev, Beta Delphini
  • Deneb Dulfin, Epsilon Delphini

 Best Viewed Objects/Stars

Job's Coffin

 A name given to the box shape formed by the four stars Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Delphini, all of which are of 4th magnitude.

Gamma Delphini

 A double star. A small telescope will separate the two components, which appear yellow and white, of magnitudes 4.3 and 5.2. Both stars lie approximately 100 light-years away. A fainter and closer pair of 8th-magnitude stars, known as Struve 2725 (about 125 light-years away), should be visible in the same field of view.


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