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 Mythology of Grus

Grus was certainly seen by the Egyptians as a crane, a bird that also symbolized the office of Astronomer because of its high-altitude flight.

 The Facts

  • Depiction: The Crane
  • Pronounced: GROOS
  • Genitive: Gruis
  • Abbreviation: Gru
  • Highest in the Sky: September to October
  • Size Ranking: 45th
  • Coverage Area: 366 Sq. Degrees
  • Right Acension: 22 hours
  • Declination: -45°
  • Visibility: 33°N to 90°S

 Notable Objects

  • Delta Gruis: Double star
  • Mu Gruis: Wide double star
  • IC 5150: Spare Tire Nebula
  • NGC 7552: Starburst galaxy
  • NGC 7582: Barred spiral galaxy
  • NGC 7590: Spiral galaxy
  • NGC 7599: Galaxy

 Named Stars

  • Alnair, Alpha Gruis

 Best Viewed Objects/Stars

Beta Gruis

 A variable red giant, 170 light-years away, that fluctuates from magnitude 2.0 to 2.3 with no set period.

Delta Gruis

 A double star with components that can be separated with the naked eye. Both stars lie about 300 light-years away. Delta-1 is a yellow giant of magnitude 4.0; Delta-2 is a red giant of magnitude 4.1.

Mu Gruis

 A wide naked-eye double. Both stars are yellow giants: Mu-1, 260 light-years distant, is of magnitude 4.8; Mu-2, 240 light-years away, is of magnitude 5.1.


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