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 Invention of Norma

Norma lies in the Milky Way between Ara and Lupus. Introduced in the 18th centure by the French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, it depicts a draftman's level or try square. It adjoins another Lacaille invention, Circinus, the compasses. There are no stars labeled or Beta Normae due to boundary changes since Lacaille's time.

 The Facts

  • Depiction: The Square
  • Pronounced: NOR-mah
  • Genitive: Normae
  • Abbreviation: Nor
  • Highest in the Sky: June
  • Size Ranking: 74th
  • Coverage Area: 165 Sq. Degrees
  • Right Acension: 16 hours
  • Declination: -50°
  • Visibility: 35°N to 90°S

 Notable Objects

  • NGC 6067: Open cluster
  • NGC 6087: Open cluster
  • NGC 6164-65: Emission Nebula
  • SP-3: Planetary nebula

 Best Viewed Objects/Stars

Gamma Normae

 A double star, constisting of unrelated components that can be separated with the naked eye. The primary, Gamma-2, is the brightest star in the constellation; it is an orange giant star of magnitude 5.0, is an immensely luminous yellow supergiant more than 100 times farther away.

Epsilon Normae

 A double star, with components of magnitudes 4.5 and 6.7 that can be separated with a small telescope.

Iota-1 Normae

 A double star. The components, of magnitudes 4.6 and 8.1, can be divided with a small telescope. Iota-2 is an unrelated 6th magnitude star that lies some distance away.


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