Corvus (Featured Constellation)

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Featured Constellation for the Month of April

 Mythology of Corvus

This small constellation south of Virgo represents a crow perched on the coils of Hydra, the water-snake. In Greek mythology, the crow was sent by Apollo to fetch water in a cup (represented by the adjoining constellation of Crater), but greedily stopped to eat figs instead. On its return, the crow blamed the water-snake for delaying it. But Apollo, who was not fooled by the lie, condemned the crow to a life of thirst, just out of reach of the cup in the heavens.

 The Facts

  • Depiction: The Crow/Raven
  • Pronounced: KOR-vuss
  • Genitive: Corvi
  • Abbreviation: Crv
  • Highest in the Sky: April to May
  • Size Ranking: 70th
  • Coverage Area: 184 Sq. Degrees
  • Right Acension: 12 hours
  • Declination: -20°
  • Visibility: 61°N to 90°S

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