Bootes (Featured Constellation)

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Featured Constellation for the Month of April

 Mythology of Bootes

Bootes is an elongated constellation depicting a man herding a bear, represented by Ursa Major. The name of its brightest star, Arcturus, is Greek for (bear guard). The northern part of Bootes contains the faint stars that formed the now-defunct constellation of Quardrans Muralis, the mural (or wall) quadrant, which gave its name to the Quadrantid meteor shower that radiates from this area every January.

The Facts

  • Depiction: The Herdsman
  • Pronounced: bo-OH-teez
  • Genitive: Bootis
  • Abbreviation: Boo
  • Highest in the Sky: May to June
  • Size Ranking: 13th
  • Coverage Area: 907 Sq. Degrees
  • Right Acension: 15 Hours
  • Declination: 30°
  • Visibility: 90°N to 45°S

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